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Barley Risotto

Returning with something super simple but so delicious. During the detox, while on the search for various grains to keep things interesting, I remembered barley. My mom used to use it in many of her soups when I was a kid. This, of course, makes it an ...

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Heirloom Tomato Soup

Oh, fancy me deciding to make a fashionable entrance? No, but with my regular posting gone south with a bit of back problems, I've been away from my desk (& my kitchen). While they say it's not a fractured spine per se, bending has been ...

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Nice Socca

Eons since I've visited the south of France, I was whisked to my memories of the Mediterranean first, by a post by David Lebovitz and again by this book. The books recipe missed elements, like being tested apparently, but it reinforced ...

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Super Bowl of Chili

As I sat, thinking what the ultimate food for Sunday would be, it actually took me a bit to come to the chili conclusion. Crazy, yes, I am aware of this. Coming from an advertising background, I have to honestly admit that the majority of my Superbowl viewing experience takes place during half time. Perfect for cooking for a crowd, the chili is a dash of this and a can of that - and then you leave it. So quick and easy, you won't even miss the commercials.

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