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Or should I aptly rename it: An Introduction to My New Best Friend Michelle. Michelle hosts the blog Sugar and Spice and sent me the most wonderful package. You see, there's this lovely event that takes place amongst some bloggers, so nicely organized ...

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Drunken Cherry Brownies

In honour of my older brother's birthday, I fixed up a little brownie gift. My Brother, shameless carnivore that he is, also loves cherries, so this couldn't have worked out more perfectly. I've been planning my next brownie ever since the last Brownie Babe round ...

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Blogging By Mail: Take Two!

Imagine my surprise when I returned from a weekend at my in-laws to find a package wedged in between our front doors; addressed to me! All the way from Austin Texas came a wonderfully sweet gesture of thanks. Yes, the cat's out of the bag, Jerry at ...

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