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Blogging By Mail: Take Two!

Imagine my surprise when I returned from a weekend at my in-laws to find a package wedged in between our front doors; addressed to me!

All the way from Austin Texas came a wonderfully sweet gesture of thanks. Yes, the cat’s out of the bag, Jerry at Food and Photo was my Blogging By Mail match and I’m so glad she received her package.

Little did I know I was going to get one in return.

In it was a great spice rub, perfect for grilling or dips. I think I might try it as a vegetable marinade with oil or just sprinkled over portabella mushrooms to grill.
Next was a hibiscus tea. The directions included ice tea, so I may just attempt Jumbo Empanada’s Recipe for sorbet, only with this great tea from Jerry.

Last, is a gift after my own heart, a Chipolte Chocolate Brownie. The ingredients include the standard chocolate and butter, but next is the chipolte in adobo sauce, so that’s smoked jalapeno in a tomato purée. This should be a tasty, interesting treat!

Thanks so much Jerry, you’ve made my day!


Your quite welcome! Anytime you need Texas just let me know.

posted by Jerry on 08.13.07 at 8:40 pm
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